Here is a picture of her being rushed out the door after a reporter asked Ms. Bachmann a question about investigations into her ethics (if any). Yep, that’s right-as soon as the question was asked, she was surrounded, secret-service style, by her aides, who shoved her out of the room before she could say word one in response.

It is not unusual for Congresscritters to be investigated for alleged ethical improprieties. Indeed, this investigation is well-known and she has already commented on it.

What is strange is the response to this particular question on this particular day: it is not normal to treat a reporter’s question as if it were an assassin’s weapon. And that is what her aides did today. There are three possible reasons for her staff’s actions:
Number A, her staff has taken leave of their so-called senses, or
Letter 2, the Congresswoman has taken leave of her so-called senses, or
Thirdly, she’s as guilty as Hell.

Whatever the reason, that was one disturbing scene today. And really, does anyone think that innocent people act like that? Someone, anyone?

Nope. Didn’t think so. So, what’s this Teabaggette hiding?

Mr. Blunt and Cranky