This, people, is why we need marriage equality in America:

Short version: a same sex married couple in a hospital: one sick, the other by his bedside. The hospital, being a bunch of gay-hating, bible-thumping, high-handed jackalopes, desired the husband of the patient to leave the premises. When he declined, citing their legal agreements (such as power-of-attorney) the hospital called the cops, who beat the Hell out of the husband, arrested him, injured him, and generally, along with the hospital, treated both men in an amazingly abusive fashion.

Please click the link and read the story. Please. We rarely make a point of this, but you really need to this time. It will show you:
Number A, how completely out-of-control these bible-belt-bozos can get, and
Letter 2, how stupid our anti-gay laws are, and
Thirdly, how easy it is for anyone who hates them some gays to beat, abuse, rob, jail, and abuse a citizen of the United States without just cause or due process.

Think about it, people: today it’s the gays. Tomorrow, it could be you. Think about it, and then work for marriage equality.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky