Mr. Blunt and Cranky, like almost everyone in America, was shocked and horrified by yesterday’s terrorist attack on the Boston Marathon. He made sure everyone he knew there was OK, got home, and opened Facebook (as do many of us). He saw what we’ve all come to expect after an attack on our nation: shock, horror, prayers, ways to help, and so on. It does one’s heart good to see our fractious nation pulling together in the face of tragedy.

But then, this appeared on the News Feed, from a high-school classmate: “I wonder if the people that blew the booms in Boston had or did a mandatory background check to see if they were mentally stable to have explosive devices??????”

That, my friends, is the NRA (and Gun-Nuttery) in a nutshell. People (including at least one innocent child) are dead in a terrorist bombing, and all the Gun Nuts care about is their weaponry. Human life counts for bupkis to these sociopathic loons. So they make jokes, indulge in silly Conspiracy theories about the evilevilevil gummint coming to take their pwecious widdle guns, and generally show themselves to be devoid of humanity. The did this after Newtown too, if you’ll bother to remember.

This writer is a gun owner. He was taught to shoot by the Boy Scouts and Uncle Sam, in fact, so he gets the whole Right to Keep and Bear Arms bit. But he also cares about the lives of innocent Americans who are attacked by cowardly terrorists. And the Gun Nuts most certainly don’t care about their fellow citizens; not one damned bit. All they care about are themselves and their gun collections.

You can learn a lot about people when the fertilizer hits the windmill: and yesterday we saw once again that the vast majority of Americans, for all of our intramural fussing and fighting, are basically good people who will stand together when called upon. Everyone, in fact, except for two groups among us:
Number A, the terrorists, and
Letter 2, the NRA and other gun nuts.

Both groups do not stand with the rest of America. So to Hell with them. In times of national crisis, we need to know who will have our backs. And the terrorists and Gun Nuts most certainly cannot be trusted behind us. They are more likely to bomb, shoot, or stab us.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky