529330_10200248077777599_319656609_nThis was taken from Mitch McConnell’s Facebook page, where it was warmly praised by staffers who run it for the Senator. It went up shortly after a minority of Senators ignored the wishes of Ninety-F***ing-Percent of Americans and voted down pretty much any and all meaningful gun-control regulations. And then McConnell mocked us. Holy f***ing s***, people, is there anything else you need to hear to realize that the Senate does not give a rat’s fart about the will of the people?

When is the last time you heard 90% of us agree on anything? Been a while, yes? Kind of unusual, wouldn’t you say? Something significant, something our “public servants” would take into account, n’cest pas? Yes, you’d think so. But you’d be wrong.

Members of the Cranky Nation, hear the call: We. Must. Vote. All. Of. Them. The. F***. Out Of Office. And that soon. Even if the replacements are of the same party, they’ll have gotten a math lesson: 90% can kick the asses of the 10%, if they are mad enough.


Stay mad, friends, and we can win our country back.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky