is the link to the full story. Sad that we have to get information about corruption in America from the Brits, but there you have it. Well worth your clicking and reading.

Short version: 42 out of 45 of the Senators who flouted the will of the people, went against our wishes, defied us, and mocked those who died in gun violence…those 42 traitors were bribed by the Gun  Lobby to cast those votes.

Gun Amendment Votes on Capitol Hill

Republican senators Chuck Grassley, Dan Coats, Lindsey Graham and Ted Cruz: three of the corrupt swine who betrayed our trust and chose to work for the NRA and weapons manufacturers instead of the voters.


What more do we need to throw these bums out? 90% of Americans want gun control: but these crooked swine are too busy stuffing their pockets with baksheesh to heed the will of the people. We need to get their attention. Vote. Them Out.


Mr. Blunt and Cranky