A West Virginia “Republican” state legislator said exactly that. If a child gets their school lunch paid for, this Dickensian (accent on “dick”) jackass thinks they should be made to perform janitorial duties, landscape work, and so forth.

Really, Mr. Canterbury? Child labor? Forcing six-year-olds to haul trash and push power mowers? You DO know that’s illegal, don’t you?

Or maybe he just doesn’t care. That seems likely. To be on the safe side, this writer will avoid the town of Greenbrier WV in the future, since the worthies there elected this fool. For all we know, forced child labor might be an everyday occurrence there.

It is worth noting that almost everyone else in the House of Delegates disagreed with him, and school kids in West Virginia will not be required to do slave labor in order to eat.

It is also worth noting that “almost” everyone disagreed. Eight other West Virginia legislators voted with him.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky