Every now and again, politicians reveal their true natures, and we are appalled when we see how loathsome those natures are. So it is with the Sequester: a “worst case” measure that “was never intended to occur”, because of the “indiscriminate and draconian cuts” that would result. It turns out that many (perhaps most) “Republican” “representatives” love them some severe, draconian cuts, as long as they themselves are not inconvenienced by said cuts.

Small businesses, Head Start, and the military are all taking a big hit from the budget cuts that “weren’t supposed to happen”. And the conventional wisdom that said politicians would make a last-minute deal to stop the cuts from going into effect? It turned out to be wrong. And why was it wrong?

Because a lot of TeaPublicans want those cuts, that is why. Veterans’ benefits late? No prob. Kids thrown onto the street? Hey, ‘salright. Grandma going hungry? It’s all good. Because Congress still gets its pay and bennies, right? And so long as they can fly home in comfort, there’s no problem with those nasty budget cuts.

In fact, they actually love those brutal budget cuts, and have no interest in replacing them. They call those who have been de-funded “spoiled little children”, among other things.

People, wake the f*** ing f*** up. The Teabagging “Republicans” (and a few Donkeys, too) do. not. care. about. you. They only care about their millionaire lifestyles and billionaire buddies. And none of them run small businesses, have kids in Head Start, are trying to get the VA to replace a missing leg, or in general give two hoots about the “little people” whose lives are made worse by the Sequestration Cuts.

If you vote for another one of these Wingnuts, here’s hoping you get your budget cut next time round: because you have asked for it.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky