Those denizens of the extreme Left in America love them some Obama-bashing. Hell, sometimes they bash the Prexy more than do the Raging Righties In Their Tightie Whities.

One comparison that the Loony Lefties like to use is, of course, FDR. The wroth is waxed and the spittle flies from their screeching gobs as they point out how inferior Obama is to Roosevelt. But there is one small problem with these rants, denunciations and polemics: they are just so much bulls***. Here’s why:

As pointed out here in the Chronicle of Higher Education, FDR had him some filibuster-proof majorities. In fact, he had them for 3/4 of his first two terms. Obama, by contrast, had a teensy-weensy majority in Congress for a matter of months, and doesn’t look like having one again anytime soon.

But do the Extreme Left take these facts (and indeed, basic mathematics) into account? No, they do not. Living in their fantasyland of rainbow ponies that poop sparkly butterflies, they must think Obama is possessed of a magic wand that he could use (but for unstated nefarious reasons refuses to use) to turn Wingnut “Republicans” into liberal Democrats. Because that’s what it would take for Obama to move a Progressive agenda through Congress in these times.

Obama may or may not be all that Liberal, but regardless of his position on the ideological left/right line, the Congress is effectively controlled by the Extreme Right. And he cannot move anything even remotely Leftish through Congress (be they judicial nominees, gun control, social welfare programs, or anything else) given the monolithic opposition and numerical advantage of the “Republican” parties.

Until the Left turns out enough voters to elect a huge majority of liberal members to Congress, they will have to understand that Obama can only do what Congress lets him do. That, if you like, is the true comparison to FDR: the voters not only elected him, they also elected huge majorities of liberal Democrats to both houses of Congress. That “little detail” needs to be front-and-center in the mind of every Progressive voter. They can’t just elect one man to office and then sit back in their beanbag chairs demonizing him for four years: they have to elect legislators as well; legislators that represent their interests.

Until that is understood, the Left will be bitter, frustrated and p***ed off. They need to pay attention to the details and take action based on them: not on how they think things “should be”. Remember: “should” sounds a lot like “s***”, and that for a good reason.

If Progressives want FDR-grade results, they need to give Obama FDR-grade majorities in Congress.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky