Yes, the idiots at the Internal Revenue Service who are responsible for this idiocy need investigated and dealt with. But trying to tie this to the Prexy is nonsense. Here’s why:

Number A: the man in charge of the IRS when the activity was actually going on was an appointee of Bush The Dumber, held over while Obama tried to get Senate “Republicans” to confirm a new guy. The Bushie quit after a stop was put to the scandal crap.

Letter 2: the Obama administration still does not have one of their appointees in charge, because the aforementioned Repubs have blocked his nominees. So we’ve never had an Obaminoid in charge of the IRS, and that is the fault of the Puerile Pachyderms.

This means, Gentle Reader, that if one wishes to blame anyone at the top, that blame must be placed upon the Teapublicans.

Here’s a buck saying they never admit it. Any takers?

Mr. Blunt and Cranky