We should be used to this by now: a new record low approval rating for Congress. Only a tenth of us think they don’t suck. But do they care? No, they don’t.

Hell, some of them even think they suck:

“Sen. Tom Coburn (R-Okla.) told Bloomberg News that the latest poll results are what Congress deserves, and that he won’t be seeking another term in 2016.

“Why should it be that high?” he said of the Gallup ranking. “Look, we’re incompetent. I think it’s full appropriate.”

It’s so bad, even the party the controls Congress thinks they are über-suckiferous: most “Republicans” think their party’s “representatives” suck. But do they care? No, they don’t.

And here is why: two reasons:
Number A; most incumbents get re-elected, no matter how worthless they may be or what the poll numbers may say.
Letter 2: they pretty much do what those who bribe them tell them to do. (How else did do many of them become millionaires?)

The only “poll” Congress will listen to is the one that takes place on Election Day. And until we vote the bums out, they won’t care. No, they won’t care.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky