Richard Bistline is a despicable piece of s*** who has been convicted of having hundred of kiddie porn files on his computer; files including videos of six-year-old girls being raped. In spite of the severity of his crimes, the judge sentenced this puke to a single day in jail, instead of the 5-7 years he was supposed to get. Yes, you read that correctly. Not years in prison for the crimes the preeve had committed, but one single day.

The appeals court sent this back to the judge, saying “Dafuq???” or words to that effect, “follow the guidelines and lock this sick f*** up for a few years.” And the judge resentenced the mutt to…a single day. Again.

The Sixth Circuit has since assigned the case to a judge who doesn’t love kiddie porn and pornographers as much as this judge (James Graham) apparently does.

A similar case happened in Michigan, where a dimbulb judge (Arthur Tarnow) decided that a child pornographer was a pretty nice old guy, really, and instead of throwing the book at him, threw a tiny scrap of paper instead. For having thousands of pictures of children being raped and tortured on his computer, the judge sentenced the defendant to… yep, one day in jail.

This writer recently opined that Americans commit so many sex crimes against children because the punishments for such crimes are too light and are not a deterrent (Steubenville is a good example). But this case REALLY makes the point.

Unless and until we start opening up some very large cans of whoop-ass on these despicable, subhuman bits of slime, our children will not be safe. Send a message to these “jurists” ( and )
and let them know you think they should show more love to our children than to those who prey on them.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky