You can try to use weasel words if you want, but inserting something into a woman’s body by force or coercion is rape. And that is only part of what Ohio’s one-party government (100% controlled by “Republicans”, no influence by the weak and wimpy Democrats) gave itself the right to do last month.

You see, in addition to an unconstitutional abortion ban, a reduction in available health care providers, and a requirement that Doctors tell lies to women, the new budget requires women to submit to the forcible/coerced insertion of an ultrasound device into their vaginas as part of the abortion process.

That means rape victims who become pregnant would get raped again by order of the state government. Women whose lives would be endangered by pregnancy would be raped by order of the state government. Women carrying babies who would die at birth would be raped by order of the state government.

That woman could be you. Your daughter. Your wife. Your sister, mother, girfriend, grandadughter, pretty much any woman in the state could wind up being raped with the state’s sanction, because of the law just signed by John Kasich.

And people who don’t trust the government with their money are evidently willing to allow the government to order the rape of their womenfolk (or themselves, depending on the gender of the supporter).

Once again: John Kasich now has the legal right to order rape. And he has done so. Click the links below if you don’t believe it.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky