Lots of people on the Left and Right are hugely hosed off at Obama for continuing and expanding the Bushies’ Domestic Surveillance State, including your humble correspondent. However, far too many of us are acting as though Obama is somehow unique in behaving thus. That, friends, is nonsense.

Every President has done things that could be considered “bad”, including the Father of our Country, George Washington (ordered Indian massacres). Some more recent examples:

Harry Truman dropped Atomic Bombs on Japan, killing thousands of innocent civilians.
Eisenhower approved the Dresden firebombing that did likewise.
Kennedy ordered the invasion of Cuba.
Johnson escalated the war in Indochina.
Nixon. Need we say more?
Reagan: Gave arms to terrorists in Iran and South America.
Clinton: NAFTA and perjury.

Get the picture? Obama is better than most, and possibly worse than a few.

But anybody who thinks that a couple of databases, or support for equal rights, or anything else that the Prexy has done compares with the mass murders ordered by his predecessors is in serious need of a reality check.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky