Lots of readers have misunderstood the Cranky position on the Surveillance State, so let’s clear it up: f*** the “Patriot” Act, its bastard children, and the court rulings that expanded its reach. Just because a contractor is an a**hole doesn’t mean spying on us is acceptable.

But what bothers your friendly neighborhood blogger even more than the spying is that We The People have so passively accepted it for a decade and change. After 9/11, America turned into a nation of wussies. We got so scared of the eeeeevillll terrorist monsters, we let the government take away our freedoms in exchange for a bulls*** promise of safety.

So now they open our mail, eavesdrop on our phone calls, track our comings and goings with cameras and databases, and generally treat us all as if we are suspects: the opposite of what the Constitution calls for.

Remember the quaint old notion of being innocent until proven guilty? These programs assume the opposite: they treat us all as suspects, and we can never be considered innocent. That, Cranky Nation, is wrong, wrong, WRONG.

But since America wussed out in 2001 and has grown even more wussified since, the government has the power to treat us thus.

America the Wussy-Ful. We are guilty of going along with this outrage.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky