Don’t believe it? Here is the proof. Those same “Republicans” who want the government off our backs want that same government to dictate what we do when one of us is on our backs. So, they are jailing people for being gay, and never mind what the Supreme Court says. From the link:

“Same-sex couples in North Carolina and Texas have been arrested for “homosexuality conduct” in recent years. And as the Louisiana debacle illustrates, overzealous law enforcement officers feel enabled by the law to arrest, prosecute, and generally humiliate gay people simply for being gay.”

These are the same people who claim to want smaller government. It is clear that what “Republicans” really want is less government for themselves and those who bribe them, and lots of government for the rest of us. Even if you are not gay, this should give you pause.

The constitutional rights of gays are being violated (as seen here). The constitutional rights of women are being violated (reproductive matters). The constitutional rights of all Americans are being violated (via the NSA monitoring programs). We are all at risk, people, regardless of skin color, chromosomes, or any other characteristic you might care to consider.

Defend your rights by defending those of LGBT Americans. As Benjamin Franklin once said, “If we do not hang together, we shall surely hang separately.”

Mr. Blunt and Cranky