Here is an article talking about the theft and cronyism at JobsOhio that was recently revealed by the Dayton news media. Short version: The Kasich set up a secretive, un-auditable private company to replace a state agency, staffed it with his Kronies, and used it to shovel taxpayer money into the pockets of himself and said Kasich Kronies.

Fortunately, even though the “Republican” party controls the entire state with no Democratic input, there are still a few organizations that are willing to go to court in order to fight the corruption, theft, and secrecy that is stinking up the state.

Memo to all Ohioans: when you elect someone who made his millions from the Bush Economic Crash, you shouldn’t be surprised when he continues to try to make money for himself and his millionaire buddies in the sly after he’s in office.Kasich and his Korrupt Kronies are doing what they know how to do: line their own pockets at our expense, and never mind those silly regulations and laws.

Bless the reporters and attorneys who are trying to clean up the cesspool that has been created in Columbus since the last election.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky