Once again, your Cranky Correspondent has found a brilliant bit of writing (not, alas, his own) to share with you:

Perry, Abbott, McCrory, Walker, Scott and others want to create a permanent non-voting class of Americans. Americans who are expected to pay taxes, but to have no say in how the government uses those taxes. This includes African Americans, students, the elderly, women….and in the case of Texas they have admitted to preventing Democrats from voting. They want all of these people to have no say in how the country/state/county/city is run or who it is run by.The GOP is operating as a voting death panel.

Pay your taxes but never vote.

Isn’t that Taxation without Representation?

I say it’s time for legislation that says if your vote is suppressed – you don’t have to pay any taxes.

Is that brilliant or what? Spread this far and wide: the author is not asking for attribution (a damned shame, because this is f***ing brilliant). Spread it around so people understand that an assault on voting rights is an assault upon our very system of government itself.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky