Martin Luther King died so that others could live free. Today, idiots like Clarence Thomas like to pretend that Dr. King’s sacrifice was no biggie, so let’s get rid of all the laws that helped people of color to make progress towards equality in America. Even worse, lots of young black folk have no clue about the Civil Rights movement and what sacrifices they made: so they take their recently-won rights for granted. Small wonder those rights are being taken away by courts and Red State governments even as we commemorate the March on Washington.

And it’s not just African-Americans: dolts like Marissa Meyer diss feminism because hey, she was able to become a big-shot CEO, so the struggle for women’s rights must have been no biggie. Those feminists that millions of idiots make jokes about made it possible for women to vote, to have jobs, to have their own credit cards and many other rights. And because so many women take the sacrifices of feminists for granted, their newly-won rights are also are being taken away by courts and Red State governments.

Lots of “Republicans”  like to pretend that we no longer need the rights of free speech, assembly, and privacy (among others) because hey, they can do anything they damned well please, so clearly, the Bill of Rights is no longer necessary. These idiots forget the Founding Fathers and their efforts to secure those rights for us. And because so many Americans take the sacrifices of Washington, Jefferson  for granted, our newly-won rights are also are being taken away by courts and Red State governments.

We must take a  moment to remember, on historic days like these, that it wasn’t just flowery speeches and signatures on documents that won those rights for us. No, it was blood and sweat, tears and torture, endurance and indomitable courage pitted against seemingly omnipotent and impregnable opponents that won those rights. And if we take our recently-won rights for granted, all of us will have to fight those fights all over again.

By remembering the sacrifices of those warriors who won our rights for us, we honor them; we also safeguard ourselves, and the country we love.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky