Remember the two guys who got married out-of-state and came home to get their marriage registered on a death certificate? There is another couple joining the suit, and a Federal judge has ruled in their favor, too. Yes, two gay couples have won the right to be treated at least a teensy-weeny bit like real citizens.

A while back, two men got married and won the right to be noted as such should one of them pass away. Now a man named Ives has died and the judge just bitch-slapped Ohio AGAIN, telling them to follow the law and note his legally-married husband as his “spouse” on the death certificate.

Kudos to Judge Black; condolences to Mr. Michener; and brickbats to Ohio’s fundagelical loons who want to persecute loving couples, just because of the positions in which they both can take a pee.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky