The Twitterverse exploded with the slime and garbage from stupid, ignorant, bigoted American f*** wits this past weekend, as an Indian-American woman won the Miss American pageant. Nina Davuluri, born in Syracuse NY, is according to the meth-mouthed, inbred, and generally useless subhumans who tweeted their racist s*** after she won, a terrorist convenient store clerk whose coronation is a slap in the faces of all Americans.  Here is what she actually looks like:


As to what the Twittering Twits said, well, it comes down to her being “Arab”, or “Al-Quaida”, or “7/11” or some such crap. Christ on a pogo stick, these alleged “Americans” make you want to puke. They:
Number A, can’t tell one non-lily-white person from another;
Letter 2, think all non-lily-white people are terrorists, and;
Thirdly, think that only white women, (preferably rednecks) should be crowned as Miss America.

On the one side, props to the pageant for NOT awarding the crown based on skin color. On  the other, bricks upside the head to the millions of racist jackasses who hate swarthy people. And huge props to Ms. Davuluri for showing amazing class in dealing with the bigoted fools who have trumpeted messages of hate towards her.

Of all the fallout from the Bushistas’ bungling, un-Constitutional handling of the terrorist threats of this new century, the racist and cultural aspects are perhaps the most insidious and pernicious. Americans have been taught to distrust anyone with dark or darkish skin, who comes from a different country, who has a different name for God, or is in any way not a white American of North European extraction.  That is much harder to undo than, say, the “Patriot” Act or any of its many illegitimate children.

“E Pluribus Unum”; that is our national motto. It means, “Out of many, One”. Kinda hard to do that when we exclude most of the “many”, now, isn’t it?

Mr. Blunt and Cranky