That is how they voted. A bunch of lazy, privileged rich people decided that hungry people are the lazy ones; so, f*** ’em, let ’em work or starve. Really. They said as much before the vote.

And Congresscritters do make a base salary of $174,000.00 (lots make more than that) plus tons of bennies and perks. This for working as few as 126 days in the current session. Most food stamp recipients make less than 15,000.00 a year, and work (if they can) for twice as many days in a year.

The supposed “lazy” “moochers” referred to include children, the elderly, and people who work long hours for low wages, but don’t make enough money for food. Almost four million of them. Uhmmmmmm…these don’t sound like lazy moochers to this writer.

Only a bunch of rich, entitled, ignorant, arrogant f***wits would have the nerve to call poor Americans such things. Especially when members of Congress are demonstrably lazy, mooching swine themselves.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky