Speaker John Boehner said the opposite recently, when explaining why he had given control of the House to load of lunatics bent on destroying our system of government (the Teabaggers). He essentially said that ignoring the stated wishes of the American people was “leadership”.

Wrong, boyo. Leadership is showing your people the way, doing what is best for them, and having the guts to make the tough calls and get people to go along with you. Even if (and especially when) they don’t agree with you.

Remember Harry Truman? Ike? General MacArthur? They were leaders. Compare Boehner with them, and you will see the difference. Boehner would have let a bunch of crazy privates dictate strategy during wartime if he had been in their shoes. And a war that ended well would have ended very badly indeed.

We don’t need drunken, lazy, cowardly poltroons in positions like his. We need LEADERS. And he isn’t one.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky