I have seen a fair few people (here and elsewhere) who are holding up increased employer-based health plan costs and saying that their “ACA” or “Obamacare” costs more than their “old plan. Let’s clear this up:

Number A: The only people buying “Obamacare” are those who are shopping on the exchanges.  If you’re getting any other benefits due to the ACA (lifetime caps, kids on your plan till 26, etc.) but are not buying insurance from the exchanges, you are  not buying Obamacare.

Letter 2: Most of us (80% or better) aren’t able to buy Obamacare. So blame any and all increases on your greedhead employer or scum-sucking insurance company, because that’s what you had before, and that’s what you still have.

Thirdly: If your employer cuts your health benefits and blames the ACA, ask to see their books, because they are lying. It’s not due to the ACA, it’s just them trying to line their pockets and screw you into the bargain.

Point the fourth: some states are enrolling people into Medicaid. An awesome deal, but they aren’t “buying Obamacare” either.

Obamacare AKA the ACA applies to less than 20% of all Americans. For most of them, it’s a pretty good deal. For the rest of us, it’s a few consumer protections on the plus side, and another bogeyman for our employers to blame on the minus side.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky