Congress hasn’t accomplished f***-all since 2010. They tried and tried to destroy s*** instead of doing their jobs. And now, these useless moochers, these parasites, these pimples on the arse of our nation; these “representatives” are criticizing the ACA for only partly working. The chutzpah is truly breathtaking.

It’s like having Ron White tell you to lay off the Scotch.
It’s like having David Vitter call you a pervert.
It’s like having the Westboro Baptist Church call you a hater.
It’s like having Anthony Weiner call you a slut.

What’s worse, the “news” media are acting like this is acceptable and sensible. They are acting as though a load of do-nothing layabouts have the right to criticize someone else who is actually doing something, for not doing it perfectly.

This writer will pay attention to Repub criticism of the ACA as soon as said Repubs get off their obese behinds and earn their huge paychecks and bennies. And not one moment before.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky