They are being cancelled because the health insurers are greedy mother f***ers, NOT because of Obamacare. You can hear the facts, buried at the end of this report from yesterday. It turns out that insurers can keep those policies in force FOR ANOTHER YEAR. Yup, until 2015.

Old individual policies can be “grandfathered” in, so consumers have time to choose new coverage and sign up for it. And your health insurer can extend that grandfathering period through 2014, simply by extending it before the end of this year.

Blue Cross et. al. do not have to cancel these policies as of the end of this year. They are CHOOSING to cancel them. As the above reporter said, it’s a “business decision”. Insurers hate the ACA and are trying to blow it up, because they made lots more profit under the old regime.

Not that the “news” media can be bothered to report the whole story. No, they’d rather jump on the “bash Obama ” bandwagon and sell more advertisements than they would, you know, report the effing news. But the truth is out there, even if you have to listen closely.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky