Hell, we’re lucky it works at all. Here’s the budget request for building healthcare.gov. 10 billion dollars to build the online exchanges allowing those eligible Americans in a red or purple state to buy health insurance. The Teapublicans gave them 1 billion. And now, they are “outraged” that the online system isn’t working perfectly, and are demanding to know why.

It is pretty safe to say that a NINETY-F***ING PERCENT CUT IN FUNDING had something to do with it. Pretty darned safe.

Try commuting on 10% of the gas you need. Try getting by with 10% of the food you need. Try building a house with 10% of the lumber you need. How well is that likely to work for ya?

Hey, House Repubes- want to know why the website rollout sucked? Look in a friggin’ mirror.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky