He wants the US to stop treating him like a traitor. The problem with that desire is that he, well, looks a lot like one, and there will continue to to be doubt until he is tried, presents his case in a court of law, and a verdict is reached. You know, how grownups deal with legal matters: in court.

So here’s some advice for the deluded little twerp:

Nut up, Eddie.

You knowingly and deliberately broke US law. If you feel that you were following a higher law, that i understandable: but the folks who wrote those laws Will. Not. Suddenly. See. The. Light. Ain’t gonna happen.

Come back and try to beat the rap. You might pull it off, being too visible and notorious to be shipped to Gitmo or otherwise disappeared.

But sitting out there in your Russian hidey-hole hoping that an entire government will suddenly, magically change its laws is a deeply f***ing stupid idea.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky