In the name of saving animals, they are deliberately trying to traumatize little kids. They are putting up anti-turkey-dinner ads in bus stops, you see: ads that show grownups a Rockwell-ish image of a mom carving a bird, and that show anyone shorter than four feet tall a demonic woman murdering a live bird, and spattering her kids’ faces with blood. From the article:

PROVIDENCE, R.I. — People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals plans to run ads in bus shelters showing a traditional Thanksgiving image to adults and a different, bloody, image to children, the organization said in a news release.
The ads incorporate lenticular technology, so that people 4-feet, 3-inches and shorter will see an image different from the mother carving a cooked turkey in front of two children. Shorter viewers will see the scene with the two children spattered with blood and horrified as the mother cuts into a live bird.

Of all the despicable, abusive, and idiotic things to do. Do the stupid-f***s at PETA think that little children do the grocery shopping in American households? Anyone on Planet Consensus Reality knows better.

F*** you PETA; for abusing children. There is never a good reason to traumatized the innocent, no matter how noble you may imagine your cause to be. And take your false-equivalence arguments that equate defenseless kids with other animals and shove them right up your idiot asses.

Freak out the grownups who actually buy the birds if you must : they have some culpability, after all. But freaking out little kids for actions over which they have no control? There is nothing “Ethical” about such a course of action. F*** your f*** ing selves, PETA.

Leave our kids alone, you motherf***ers.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky