Humans are part of nature, as everyone save for crazed Dominionists and lunatic PETA-brains knows. So an ethical person would live in a manner that respects humans and animals, along with the rest of our ecology. That is, unfortunately, not what PETA does. PETA-think places humans apart from and above nature, as noble saviors of the animals and warriors against other humans, who are not animals in the mind of PETA (because if humans were animals, hey, PETA would have to treat them with respect and try to save them, too).

Anyone who has attended classes covering either biology or Bible study knows better than PETA, of course. Humans are nothing more or less than animals, regardless of what pretensions we might have. We were created as omnivorous critters and that is what we remain. We can CHOOSE what we eat to an extent, but we are ABLE to eat a variety of foodstuffs. And nature is what made us that way.

PETA does not demonize bears, pigs or hedgehogs for being omnivorous. For that matter, turkeys are naturally omnivorous, and PETA is trying to demonize we omnivorous homo sapiens types for eating them. So, what makes human omnivores different from all other omnvivores? Why hold us to a different standard than the rest of the opportunistic feeders that fly, walk, swim or crawl around the globe?

Answer: The only reason to hold humans to a “higher” standard is if you think humans occupy a higher place in the natural order.If you are arrogant and feeling oh-so-superior. As a great writer once said, “you can’t condescend UP”.

News flash, PETA: we aren’t all that special, not in the grand scheme of things. Humans eat what we can eat, and to an extent what we choose to eat. We are not some sort of Grand High Poohbah Muckety-Muck Exalted Grand Wizards of All We Survey: we are just animals blessed with opposable thumbs, brains, and some really nasty characteristics that helped us build tools that allow us to appear disconnected from nature. We’re creatures of the Earth, nothing more and nothing less. And we should treat ALL life we encounter in Nature as it deserves to be treated.

Including each others’ children

Mr. Blunt and Cranky