Insurance companies have spent millions and millions of dollars trying to kill it, so you can’t trust anything they say on the topic. Same with “Republicans”. Ignore anything they say on the topic, it’s gonna be a load of crap.

When it comes to the “News” media, check where they get their “facts” and “questions”. Most of it comes from Insurers and Repubs, so ignore anything that comes from those sources, it’s gonna be a load of recycled crap.

No, the way to find out the truth is by looking at your current policy (if any), seeing if ObamaCare changes anything for you, and then finding out what those changes are, and how they affect you and yours. There ain’t any simple way to do it.

And if anybody tells you otherwise, ignore them, because they’re feeding you a load of truly malodorous crap.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky