Here are just some of the slimy, sordid facts of “Representative” Stockman’s illegal and unethical activities, in and out of office. A few tidbits from the article (which you really should read):

Both as a candidate and as a congressman, Rep. Steve Stockman of Clear Lake has failed to make federally required disclosures about business affiliations that stretch from Texas to the British Virgin Islands, and has provided no details about the business he claims as his sole source of income.

Brett Kappel, another Washington, D.C.-based attorney who specializes in campaign finance law and disclosure rules, said Stockman should have been fined for failing to file a disclosure as a congressional candidate in 2012. Kappel said Stockman’s 2013 disclosures left out information about his active business affiliations.

Under the Ethics in Government Act of 1978, every member of Congress must disclose any businesses in which he or she has an interest, even those that produce no income.

“Representative” Stockman is, you’ll remember, the pro-assassination loonytoon who has done some hugely crazy s*** in his on-again, off-again public “service” “career”. Now it turns out he is in violation of multiple Federal laws, and of course is not being investigated by the House “Leadership”, who are at least as crooked if not quite as crazy. And he is pretty much telling reporters to pound sand whenever they ask questions about his patently illegal activities.

Whatever your political affiliation (if any), you owe it to yourself to find out how much of your money this mutt has made off with. Head over here to demand an inquiry:

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