The New York Times, as it often does, almost did a great job here.Almost. In a piece called “Rooting for Failure”, they point out the behavior of “Republicans” and how they often seem to be trying to make the economy fail, the nation fail, our military fail, and so on. The actions are correct, and if the Times had spent a moment thinking (instead of just continuing to mindlessly parrot what they have been told), they would have found the motivating agent behind the Repubes’ destructive and anti-American agenda:

The Elephants are wedded to a theory. They see this theory as reality. Of course, everyone else knows the truth, so we look at them with puzzlement as they continue to do stupid things that fly in the face of facts, and do great damage to our country. These eedjits at Heritage Action exemplify the reality-denying twerps that are screwing things up in America.

A few examples:

Number A: Their absolutely pathological hatred of Obama and everything he does.

Letter 2:“Republicans” cling to their theories of Voodoo Economics in spite of the fact that reality has time and again proven them false.

Thirdly: “Republicans” ignored the reality of Osama Bin Laden’s plans to attack us in favor of their theories, and so we had 9/11. The same thing with Iraq.

Number D: Karl Rove’s refusal to accept the reality of Romney’s loss last year.

But then, it was Karl Rove who explicity pooh-poohed reality and extolled the virtues of creating one’s own version based upon a theory. So the idea that “Republicans” cannot, and indeed should not, accept reality comes from the very core of their modern-day leadership. And it is then not all that hard to believe that an entire party has chosen to live in a fairyland. Then the fact that they choose to ignore the facts when they are not in compliance with their airy-fairy, fluffy-sparkly, unicorns-pooping-pretty-butterflies theory isn’t all that hard to understand.

But regardless of the source of the unreal world or its theoretical underpinnings, that Theory is going to go Splat whenever it runs into Reality. And what gets hit by that splattering? You guessed ‘er, Chester: it’s us.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky