I am raising that point because there are politicians, pundits, and everyday schmucks trying to minimize Mandela’s greatness by “explaining” how he was really only doing what anyone else would have done, no big deal, and other such crap. Here is the blunt and cranky response:

Just stop talking, you purblind nitwits. SHUT THE FUCKING FUCK UP.

By just reading those last two sentences, you can tell that I’m no saint. Mandela didn’t speak that way, even when subjected to far greater provocation.

Here are more examples:

Dick Cheney recently got a new heart, courtesy of a dying man who donated his organs. He publicly said that he hadn’t given any thought to the person who saved his life with that selfless act. Mandela used to say “thank you” to his prison guards on Robben Island.

This writer was raped as a young child, and has not forgiven those who raped him. Mandela forgave those who raped an entire nation and its people.

Mitch McConnell said that his entire focus had to be defeating everything that President Obama attempted to do, in order to gain political power. Mandela shared power with those who had done his party far more harm than the Dems had done to McConnell’s.

Get the picture? Some people are just plain saints, and to attempt to bring them down to our level is dishonest and despicable. Don’t try to cope with your feelings of inferiority by trying to drag down the few giants among us. Indeed, all of us would be better served if we tried to achieve sainthood ourselves.

This writer knows he’ll never be a tenth of what Mandela was, and will never accomplish a hundredth of what he did. And that’s OK. Some people are giants, and serve as an example to the rest of us. Don’t be jealous, be inspired.

Mandela was a giant, a genius, a tenacious fighter, and a saint. He earned all those titles. Leave them to him, and let him rest in peace. A peace he richly deserves, since he brought peace to millions of others.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky