For those who missed it, President Obama gave one helluva speech at Nelson Mandela’s funeral this morning. A real barn burner, the man tore it up. And he raised some very important points about our real enemy.

Racism and slavery are not merely icky attitudes: they are potent forces of economic injustice and tools that are used to enrich the few at the expense of the many. Obama mentioned that he and the First Lady were “beneficiaries” of the dismantling of our slavery-based economy, and further acknowledged that racism is still out there and is still being used to subjugate groups of people.

That is being done so that the rich can get even richer. It is not an irrational hatred or xenophobic attitude in pjay here: this is about wealth and power. A few examples:

Number A: illegal aliens who work in another country. They are at the mercy of the smugglers who bring them here and the bosses who make them work, get low pay (if any), have few legal rights, and can be disposed of via deportation or worse whenever their owner employer wants to. That sounds just a wee bit like slavery, does it not?

Letter 2: race-based hiring and pay decisions. In America, certain groups of people of color are paid less, employed less, exploited more and abused in many ways: some illegal, and some not. Look at unemployment and income stats and compare between White, Black and Hispanic folk. A very clear case of race-based subjugation and exploitation. Once again, sounds a lot like slavery.

Thirdly: human trafficking victims. These can be sex slaves, domestic slaves, and other such. It is a huge problem here, and authorities are just starting to notice. That doesn’t just sound like slavery: it is slavery.

All of these have something in common: they make money for a few rich scumbuckets by treating humans worse than livestock. The Civil War was fought on behalf of those motherf***ers, as have been other conflicts. Here the fights are mostly in courtrooms these days, but they are still happening.

If any of us are slaves, then we are all either slaves or slaveholders. And as Obama and Mandela have both said, both are in chains and both need freed. The slaveholders need freed from their greed, lust and hate: the slaves need freed from their enslavement.

And the sad part is, those who enslave others almost never submit willingly to such freedoms. They will continue to suck the world dry and let us die of thirst unless we make them stop.

Two Black Presidents. Neither are our enemy. Those who hate them, who fight them, and who wish these men could be put in chains: those people are the real enemy. The few who would enslave us all.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky