Remember right after Newtown, when all the gun-nutty Senators hid under their desks and dodged the media? Remember how they ignored the families of the slain children of Newtown? Remember how they decided that NRA money was more important than the lives of innocent little kids? Yeah, me too. Bastards, the lot of them.

Lest you think they have grown a conscience in the year since that horrible gun crime was committed, here is the proof that they have not: “Republican” Ted Yoho is holding a family gunfest tomorrow, on the anniversary of the Newtown Massacre. A family event, bring your children and let them shoot guns. On December 14th. Really.

His staff says it’s a coincidence. This gun-owning blogger does not believe that for one second. It is no such thing; it’s a deliberate poke in the eye to all of the parents who are still grieving over their lost kids.

Some in Washington have grown: Senator Joe Manchin has evolved , for instance. But the majority of those “representatives” who were bought by the NRA have remained their loyal prostitutes , opposing any and all legislation to tighten down on criminals or to fund mental health care (the two things that could help prevent another such slaughter).

No, Repubs and Gun Whores still do not care if you die. They still do not care if your six-year-old gets butchered by a maniac with a gun. They only care about pocketing large sums of cash from the arms industry.

Remember this betrayal, Gentle Reader: some in Washington have your back. But the vast majority of Teapublicans would sooner see you shot in the back instead.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky