As you may know, a murdering little shite from Texas got away with murder because of what his attorney called Affluenza – the novel notion that his pampered upbringing had left him a moral cripple, unable to tell right from wrong. Not so surprisingly, he and his family are getting sued to smithereens. If the plaintiffs win, that should help cure the family’s “medical condition” of excessive wealth.

Reading this story brings to mind the behavior of much of the 1%, and their bootlicking lackeys in the Republican Party. Be honest – so many of their positions are just plain barking mad, and Affluenza would provide an explanation for their seeming insanity. If being rich renders you incapable of basic moral judgement, well, that fits their behavior quite well.

Starving children? Can’t understand the problem.
Poverty-level wages for a large percentage of the nation? Can’t understand the problem.
Dying because of lack of health care? Can’t understand the problem.

And so on. Really, people, this makes sense. Teapublicans aren’t evil, they are sick people, poisoned by their riches.

And if that is true, well the cure is obvious, is it not? Relieve them of the wealth that afflicts them. It’s for their own good, don’tcha know.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky