Greetings to all Cranky readers, gentle and otherwise. As many of you know, “Mr. Blunt and Cranky” is the non de blog of a songwriter who earns part of his unfortunately-not-all-that-considerable income by selling his songs. If you’re looking for a last-minute gift that does not include getting trampled in a store, we suggest you consider a download or five of songs from the Rumbleman:

Samples are there for your evaluation, so you can decide which tunes to purchase, at Google, Apple, Amazon, or eMusic.

Making such a purchase would be a gift to your song collection, AND this humble blogger. Whatever you decide, thanks for reading.

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P.S. The Rumbleman moniker was the “gift” of a sound engineer who disagreed with me on how my bass should sound in the mix at a long-ago charity concert. I wanted it to sound very heavy and, well, like a bass; he wanted it to sound like a banjo,as far as I could tell. We argued during soundcheck, until he called me “that godd*** rumbleman up there”. Since many friends were in attendance, the nickname stuck like a flypaper. What the hell, I’ve been called a lot worse things over the past half-century. B&C