Somebody please add a new wing to Leavenworth Military Prison, to house all these ex-military traitors to the constitution. You can hardly take a step onto the InterTubez without getting some of their seditious Teabagger dung in your toes. And it is wearying as well as disgusting, indeed it is.

And depressing too, because this particular attempt to overthrow the government is coming from retired members of the military, who swore an oath the Constitution and now seem to think that it doesn’t apply if a n****r is President (stop pretending they aren’t a load of racist scum, please, it’s friggin’ obvious). They want to violate the law and set up a Teabagging military junta to restore “Freedom”.

Of course, anyone not living on Planet Fox knows that the one thing you NEVER get from a military coup is freedom. These despicable, seditious dickwads are all up in arms now because they might get what the rest of us have been getting for years: pension and benefit cuts. So their “solution” is to take over the whole nation and pretty much wreck the joint.

I have a friend who got riffed into early retirement by Bush the Smarter; he didn’t call for a revolution, even though the Pentagon screwed him far worse than these yutzes will be. My former boss totally wrecked my bennies, and I didn’t bomb the corporate offices. No, we both did what we could legally do, and then moved on & took care of our families.

THAT is the American way: do your best, follow the law, and if your party loses an election (or your employer f***s you over ) then nut up and deal. But don’t call for a revolt just because you’re having a sad.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky