I received this “comment”, including a threat of physical violence, on an earlier post today ( http://wp.me/p2jksg-2iv ). I am posting it here so all y’all can see how little it matters if someone identifies as a “Christian”. A person named “Bill”, (hailing from an AOL account, which along with his IP Address has now been duly recorded) sent this charming little missive:

Jesus spoke in spiritual terms, not physical.

So when the hungry are fed, thirsty are given drink, stranger are taken in, naked are clothed, sick or in prison are visited, Jesus is talking about those who were hungry and thirsty and needed the Gospel of Christ; they were naked and sick and in prison because of their sin. This isn’t talking about physically filling the needs of people, this is in reference to filling their spiritual needs. To try and attach a physical meaning to a spiritual reference perverts the meaning, and you will get nowhere except with those who are as equally stupid as you are.

Now, in reference to physically helping those in need, this is very simple: If Jesus believed that it was the role of gov’t to help all these people, he had ample opportunity to condemn the Roman Empire for doing nothing about it. He didn’t. That’s because it’s the role of individuals.

Now, can individuals agree do help others via gov’t programs? Yes. But because one doesn’t view those things being the role of the gov’t doesn’t mean they don’t care for others, it just means they don’t agree with that method as being the best one. You left-wing freaks need to grow up and recognize that. You’re wrong. We’re right. That will never change. Never.

And tell riqster to shut his stupid mouth before I shut it for him. And I can, I assure you.

Notice the verbal abuse, as well as the threat of physical abuse. And this person is going to sit at Jesus’ right hand? If so, Lord, send me someplace else, please. I don’t need to deal with abusive bullies in the afterlife, there are far too many of them in this one.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky