There have been ages of insanity, gilded ages, and now we live in the Age of Frustration. We are frustrated by decreasing opportunity, decreasing wealth, decreasing security, and a deteriorating country. And we are frustrated by a Congress that has embraced frustration as its preferred way of doing business.

Congressional “Republican” leaders decided before Obama’s first inauguration that the best way to increase their personal fortunes would be to frustrate the new President’s agenda. And they made no bones about it. Mitch McConnell said it straight out, after having demonstrated this by his actions ever since Inauguration Day, 2009. And indeed, the Repubs, the Teabaggers, and their stooges in the “news” media have worked diligently to frustrate not just Obama, but nearly all Americans at every turn; the better to take control of the government at a later date.

Frustrated because you can’t find a job? Check. Frustrated because your wages are stagnate? Check. Frustrated because the roads and bridges are crumbling? Check. Frustrated because the rich are cleaning our pockets and the Repub millionaires in Congress are helping out? Check.

And Obama’s 2014 SOTU speech was a product of that Age of Frustration. For all of the optimistic phrasing, he was asking the Frustration Caucus to get out of the way. And he told them he would do what he could without them, because he was so f***ing frustrated, he couldn’t take it anymore.

We don’t HAVE to be frustrated, folks: we have a choice. Even if you cannot bring yourself to vote for a Democrat, you can and should vote against those who have decided to make your life an endless series of frustrations – those people are “Republicans”, Teabaggers, “conservative Christians”, and Right-wingnut loons. And if that means casting a ballot for somebody you don’t like, it’s worth it to kick the taints of those who are deliberately f***ing you over.

The Age of Frustration was purposely created to hurt the American people and our country by a load of scumbuckets who hate the Prexy and despise us. And it can be ended by all of us voting against these malevolent motherf***ers. Frustrated? Take it out on those responsible when next you vote.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky