No, it’s the right to speak freely. And regardless of Randall Scott’s idiotic claims to the contrary, he has freely expressed himself. Hoo boy, did he ever. And nobody cut off his Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or email accounts. He spoke freely, no question about it. He trash-talked the Prexy in the finest Teabagger tradition, in person and across the Intertubez.

What this jackass little tin god teacher did not get was rewarded for his speech, which included little bon mots like :
Randall Scott @rscottmsg
Randall Scott @rscottmsgt
A weed smoking Kenyan is your president. And he is in charge of your health care. Seems normal. If…

Along with other stupid, racist, Teabagging, Birtherbot twaddle. Post after post of this crap, and once again, NOBODY SHUT HIM DOWN. Not ever. Not once.

So why does this Scott Ass Wipe say his rights to free speech have been violated? Because he wasn’t allowed to go and listen to Obama give a speech. Got that? Mr. Scott says that not being allowed to be in an auditorium is the same thing as not being allowed to speak.

Sorry, Randy old son, but you just flunked out of the school you teach in. You freely expressed your odious opinions, and that is what the First Amendment gives you. You didn’t get to go to a speech; you didn’t get a friggin’ pony, either. You got what the law gives us all: nothing more, nothing less.

So quitcherbitchin’, boyo.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky