Please, dear teacher, take a moment to learn what social media is and how it works, OK? Once again, an “educator” has made comments on social media that could get him fired. David Foggin sought to make sport of his school’s Gay-Straight Alliance club at best, and hoped to incite attacks against them at worst. So the bigoted f***wit posted snark, as well as time and location information about the group’s meeting on his Facebook page. From the article:

“Club meeting at PSHS!! Rally around them and show ur support. We are also considering a drunks-t totaller club, drugged/sober club, smokeless tobacco vs smokes club, street racing, and deer poaching clubs. Please donate and support us. Thank u!!! I think I hear the drag already zinging,” wrote physics teacher David Foggin on his Facebook page Friday in reference to the school’s “Gay-Straight Alliance” club.

Apart from the obvious jackassery, hatred, and inappropriateness of his actions, there is another factor to call out: this so-called “teacher” is so pig-ignorant, he does not understand the implications of posting to the World Wide Web. That Web is visible where? Yep, around the whole wide world. So who can see what you post on it? Anybody and everybody, yep. The guy is a physics teacher ferchrissakes, he should certainly understand that much.

Teachers around the world (and it’s not like this fool is the only foggin’ one to post such crap and then be surprised at the backlash), please take this lesson to heart: posting to the Internet is not like sharing a “joke” with your close friends around the backyard barbecue. Everyone on planet Earth can see what you post.

And your foggin’ posts can hurt you. They can foggin’ hurt others. The foggin’ consequences of your loose talk can be foggin’ catastrophic.

So to all Neo-Luddite teachers around the foggin’ Web: think before you post. Or better yet, don’t post at all.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky