Frickin’ genius. A bunch of armed Open Carry activists held a march in Texas. What makes this such fun is the ethnicity of the marchers:

Two dozen protesters — most of them armed — from a gun club named after the founder of the original Black Panther Party peacefully marched through parts of South Dallas on Wednesday.
The open-carry rally was organized by the Huey P. Newton Gun Club to promote self-defense and community policing in response to recent police shootings, both nationally and locally.
Police monitored the black-clad demonstrators, some of whom had rifles slung over their shoulders. As they walked down MLK Boulevard and Malcolm X Boulevard in the blistering heat, many chanted “black power” and “justice for Michael Brown,” the black teenager fatally shot by police this month in suburban St. Louis. His death has touched off a string of often-violent protests in that area.

Notice that the white Open-Carry activists were nowhere to be found. Nor was the NRA. Nor were any of the right-wing screamers like Limpbaugh, Beck, etc. who always promote such marches when white people hold them.

This is excellent. Watch the racist f***sticks reveal themselves as what they are, when it is people of color who are exercising their constitutional rights.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky