“Conservatives” and cops alike are shrieking about how mean everyone is being to police officers who kill unarmed members of the public. (You can see some of their “thoughts” here, if you have a strong stomach.) They want to know why, oh why, is everyone saying “we don’t trust the cops”, and bemoan the lack of trust being given to our men and women in Blue. The reason is actually pretty f***ing obvious:

Cops can murder People of Color 24/7/365 and never pay for the crime. Seriously, look at the record. How often have cops been indcted for offing a POC without just cause? And if indicted, how often are they tried? And if tried, how often are they found guilty? And if guilty, how often do they serve lengthy prison terms for their crimes?

The answers are: Rarely; Even less often; Almost never; and Never, respectively. Cops who kill innocent people are almost never held accountable for their actions. They almost never pay a price or suffer the consequences of their crimes. They can kill with impunity, and so they continue to kill.

The root cause is: grand juries rarely indict cops. Some police departments just plain have violent culture. Police agencies often do a crap job of policing themselves. And no one else polices them sufficiently, either.

If this writer got busted for speeding, he’d have to pay the ticket. But a cop who kills a twelve-year-old kid without cause will face no punishment. That, Mr. and Ms. Policepersons, is why we are p***ed off, and why we don’t trust you. There are two sets of rules in play: one for you, and another for the rest of us.

It is unfair, and deadly to boot. Americans are supposed to be treated fairly, we are not being treated one bit fairly. Just like the Wall Street crooks who crashed the economy and destroyed our lives while facing no consequences for their actions, Killer Kops aren’t held to account for actions far more egregious than anything we average schmoes might commit.

When a paunchy, balding old fart has to fear the law while those who are suppsoed to uphold the law can act as though laws don’t apply to them, you’re damned right we don’t trust the police. You’re damned right we fear the police. We’d be fools not to.

Cops won’t get our trust back until we see them being held accountable for their actions.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky