You may know by now that Bill Belicheck has been caught cheating again: his team deflated its balls during a recent game, which is cheating. And we can say they are crooked motherf***ers because they were busted before. Fined half a million dollars for cheating. Guilty, crooked scumbuckets.

Much like the “Republican” party. They have gamed the system so thoroughly, they won the Senate even though they were outvoted by 20 million votes. They staged a fake riot to help steal the 2000 election. Indeed, they are the party with the most convicted criminals for an administration in American history. So we can likewise assume guilt, crookedness and scumbucketry when it comes to the GOPee.

It’s not just balls made of pigskin that can be deflated. Evidently the balls of elephants can also be thus altered. No wonder John Boehner and Co. are so insistent on keeeping Viagra covered by health insurance…

Mr. Blunt and Cranky