Roe v. Wade was about the human rights of women: privacy, self-determination, and equality. Abortion was the driver for the court case, but it wasn’t the core. At its center, Roe v. Wade said that women were entitled to the same rights as men. Small wonder, then, that “conservatives” hate it so. Teapublicans hate equality, and Roe cost them a lot of control over women.

See that chart up there? It’s what happens when most women don’t vote. White “Republican” men and their quisling spouses voted in 2010 and 2014 while non-Teavangelical women largely sat it out, and now all American females are at imminent risk of being returned to second-class status.

It’s neither a surprise nor a secret: the GOPee has had the subjugation of the majority of our citizens (reminder: that’s women) as its goal since long before the Supreme Court announced its historic decision on this day in 1973. All Roe did was make “republicans” less complacent and more energetic in their efforts to keep women under the thumbs of men.

Meanwhile, the majority of women have themselves become complacent. A significant minority have joined the oppressors, and the few who dare raise their voices at the shameful treatment women are receiving these days are mocked at best, and violently assaulted or killed at worst.

American women will have no one to blame but themselves if current trends continue: they are the majority of eligible voters and could stop all this s*** in a few short election cycles. Let’s hope that happens.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky