I had the cruise set to 70, as is legal. The needle was kinda sorta on the right edge of the 70 hashmark, but it was on 70 nonetheless. So I was legal, but on the edge of going 71. Should a cop have given me a ticket? 

Probably not. I’m just a guy who was not quite OCD enough when setting the cruise control before the morning commute. Even in Ohio, the cops don’t write you up for going 70 MPH in a 70 zone. 

But had it been Hillary Clinton behind the wheel, eedjits from across the political spectrum would be tarring and feathering her even though she was doing something legal. Because it’s HRC, dammit, she must have been doing something skanky, amirite bros?

Christ on a Vascar, people. It’s just the Teapublican ratf***ing machine at work. Remember where these “stories” come from.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky