Yes, the Ku Klux F***ing Klan did that. The Motherf***er Klukkers handed out fliers, posted billboards, and then claimed not to be a bunch of murdering terrorist racist motherf***ers. Christ on a Kleagle. Here are some pictures of the Ku Klux F***ing Klan’s racist actions done specifically for Selma: image image And some more examples of Racist White Southern Terrorist Motherf***ers doing what the love: image image image This s*** is serious, Gentle Reader. The KKFK was, is, and will always be a terrorist organization (seriously, when its founder said “Keep the skeer on ‘ em”, there isn’t any other possible designation). They can call themselves something else, but when you realize that they hanged more people than al-Quaida killed on 9/11, there pretty much isn’t anything else to call them. Racist. Terrorist. Motherf***ers. The KKFK. Mr. Blunt and Cranky