This country contains far too many people who either: rape; want to rape; support rape; or pretend rape doesn’t happen. Or some combination of the above. Only a very few of us are loudly anti-rape, which is why this country is such a hotbed of rape freaks. Think that’s an exaggeration? Nope:

Number A: The cops who blamed an 11-year-old girl for being raped:

In 2009, the police and courts thought Hicks-Best was a false rape accuser who was lying to cover up for her naughty behavior. “All sex was consensual,”” one police officer wrote in an email discussing this case with his colleagues. “Parents are unable to accept the fact of this child’s promiscuous behavior caused this situation.”

If you’re flinching at the phrase “child’s promiscuous behavior,” you should be. A child, after all, cannot be promiscuous. To be promiscuous requires consent, and 11-year-olds cannot give meaningful consent. The young men accused in this case range from their late teens to 21 years of age, but apparently the idea that women—and girls—are the gatekeepers of sex is so ingrained that the police in this situation thought little of pinning the responsibility for this situation on a girl who is still young enough to play with Barbies. 

Letter 2: A man who helped gang-rape a teenager got no jail time.

SANFORD — A 16-year-old former Winter Springs High School football player today pleaded guilty to gang rape and was placed on probation for five years.
He is the first of five co-defendants to enter a plea or go to trial in the highly-charged case.

He along with four others team members were arrested after the girl emerged from a patch of woods near the school Nov. 13, in tears, telling a friend that several high school boys had gang raped her.

Thirdly: the Penn State frat that took illegal pictures of women without their consent and posted them on Facebook:

The Facebook page had 144 members, including current students and alumni. That’s a relatively large number of college students and recent graduates who knew the fraternity was posting nude photos of nonconsenting women for at least eight months and went along with it.

Plus there are many thousands of threats to commit sexual violence, some even from cops, ferchrissakes:

During an interview with MSNBC’s Thomas Roberts on Tuesday, Judd explained how she had been threatened while she was tweeting about the Kentucky basketball game on Sunday. “When I express a stout opinion during March Madness I am called a whore, c—, threatened with sexual violence,” Judd wrote on Twitter. “Not okay.”

On Wednesday, Furhman told the hosts of Fox News’ Outnumbered that Judd did not have a case if the threats were made during the NCAA men’s basketball tournament.

“She doesn’t have a case because it’s March Madness,” he opined. “It’s college basketball. It’s the playoffs. All bets are off, all laws don’t apply.”

“So, you can threaten a woman with physical and sexual violence?” Fox News host Andrea Tantaros asked.

“This is my personal opinion,” Fuhrman insisted. 

These few examples took but a few seconds to find, Gentle Reader. Think on that: in less than a minute, Google found these and thousands more stories of women being subjected to sexual violence, threats, stalking, and so on. How prevalent must rape then be in America?

Pretty dampened prevalent.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky