Ohio is now pushing a law that would allow almost anybody to carry concealed weapons. No training. No license. Just get it, load it, and hide it. No kidding, Teapublican Buckeyes want this crazy law.

A state lawmaker from Pickaway County wants to allow Ohioans to carry a concealed weapon without a permit.

State Representative Ron Hood of Ashville already has 20 cosponsors signed on to House Bill 147. He introduced the proposed legislation Tuesday.

Under current Ohio law, eight hours of training is required before a county sheriff can issue a concealed-carry license.

Hood’s proposal would do away with both.

This is crazy even by “Republican” standards. People with deadly weapons, who may or may not know how to use them, roaming the streets. This writer is a gun owner, and hates the Teabagger’s lunatic idea.

Mr. Blunt And Cranky